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Engineer Workshop Aeroplane


Large construction kit made from real metal parts. Inside is a selection of metal and plastic shapes that are designed to fix together using the nuts and bolts included. The various pieces screw together using the spanner and screwdriver included to make...

Kids Height Chart


Besides being really good at measuring a child’s height, this personalised kid’s height chart can be the perfect kids room decor. Gorgeous and quirky, bold and bright, this chart would serve for recording all of your growing child’s...

Central Perk Neon Light


Add a piece of true 90s nostalgia to your home with this fun, stylish Central Perk Neon Light. Invite your friends round for coffee and reminisce about the fun antics of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, and Joey in one of the most loved sitcoms...

Enchanted Rose Light


Light up your room with real beauty with this Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Light inspired by the classic Disney film. A stunning dual powered light in the iconic design of the Beasts enchanted rose, this is the perfect way to light your room with...

Fairground Candy Grabber


  Give your children the joy of winning their favourite sweets or relive some of your own childhood memories with the retro Fairground Candy Grabber. A firm Arcade favourite and fun for all the family! The game starts when you insert a fake coin...

Hamm Piggy Bank - Toy Story


Savings can and should be done in style! Straight from the coffers of Hayleigh’s Frames, the Hamm Piggy Bank is a member of our new Toy Story gifts collection. This unique and fabulous piece can be used by anyone to store coins and save money in an...

Henry Hoover Desk Vacuum


Henry Hoover Desk Vacuum | Desk HooverIs your work associate's work area getting completely ludicrous with the measure of wreckage that is on it? Well send them somewhat of a message and get them one of these Henry Desk Vacuum Cleaners. Henry the Hoover...

Mini Radio Control Digger


Miniature remote control excavator with caterpillar tracks and a moving digging arm. Switch on the small RC digger and it's ready to roll out on its tracks. It features full function controls, with simple forward, reverse, left and right buttons on the...

Musical Plasma Eye


Eye shaped room accessory with a plasma lamp embedded in the middle. Place it in a room and start to play music and the lightning-like plasma inside the lamp will react to the sound. It a new take on a retro classic that makes a fantastic gift for gadget...