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What is a Storm Glass and how does a Storm Glass work?

Posted by Ryan on 18th May 2020

If weather forecasting excites you then I'm sure you must have heard about weather or storm mirrors, or even a weather globe at some point. You might have already seen one without even realising it.They could have different names, but they're all a mutually inclusive thing. They come in a wide variety of forms and sizes. Some also come with various coloured liquids, since they are mainly used for decorative purposes today.A little over a century...
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Baby Gift Ideas

11th May 2020

Personalised Baby Gift Ideasbaby foot and handprint kit that offers you everything you need to make a real keepsake that you and your child would cherish forever. The print frame is also a unique personalised gift for a newborn baby. Perfect for baby showers and other occasions. The baby print frame is a great present not only for parents or grandparents but also for the child himself. Certainly, after many years it will arouse great sentiment an...
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Romantic Personalised Gifts Ideas for your Loved Ones

18th Jul 2019

Romantic Personalised Gifts Ideas for your Loved Ones
Romantic Personalised Gifts Ideas:Gifts have the potential to make anyone smile. Whether you want to propose, impress, apologies or extend gratitude, it’s best done when done with a gift. Gifts showcase warmth in your gesture. It brings out the care and appreciation that you are trying to convey. A gift evokes a feeling of oneness and love and so before you plan to give somebody a gift, think it through. Nowadays, personalised gifts are the new t...
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The Ultimate 40 Love Posts for Valentines Day valentine's day gifts

20th Jan 2019

The Ultimate 40 Love Posts For Valentine’s Day and Every DayWhat are your plans for Valentine’s Day?Is it a time of the year you enjoy or dread?Today, I am writing a post with a difference. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I am bringing you some of the best blog posts from around the blogosphere, including some of my own previous articles.Valentine’s Day is a fun and loving day for many people and there are so many wonderful blog posts out ther...
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50 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas That Fit All of Your Guests' Budgets

5th Jan 2019

50 Wedding Gift Ideas1. Wedding Party Hangers Courtesy of Hayleighs FramesThe Wedding Party Hangersmake the sweetest keepsake gift for the people who are part of your big day. And not to mention, a stunning photo opportunity for your wedding day. Some ideas of roles that you might want to have hangers made for are as follows;BridesmaidGroomsmanMaid of HonourBest ManMother of The BrideMother of The GroomPage BoyFlower GirlBrideGroomThe hangers...
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