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Storm Glass - 29CM

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Storm Glass

A Modern Barometer For Weather Prediction

Admiral Fitzroy Storm Glass UK is an enclosed glass jar filled with a liquid that reacts to changes in weather, causing the observer to forecast the likelihood of storms, snow, water, rain or bright skies. The liquid mixture within the bottle is a combination of various components, most commonly distilled water, potassium nitrate, ethanol, ammonium chloride and camphor.


Placed on a wooden base, the crystals inside the storm glass tube will accumulate or scatter with variations in air pressure and temperature and therefore determine how the weather will be based on the markings on the glass tube. It is surely a perfect decoration item for every room in the house and a suitable gift for your weather-loving friend.


Clear Liquid in the storm glass predicts warm & clear weather. Large stars in dark liquid on cold winter days predict snowfall. Large flakes that spread throughout the liquid predicts cloudy & wet conditions in moderate climates and snowy conditions during the winter. Threads present at the top of the liquid predict wind conditions. When the liquid appears cloudy, with small stars predicting thunderstorms. Small spots emerge in the rainy or misty conditions forecast by the air. Crystals that emerge at the bottom of the fluids predicts frosty conditions.


  • Material - Glass

  • Color - Clear

  • Wooden Base

  • Dimensions - 9 X 36 X 9 CM

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