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Personalised Home Gifts

Home-ware gifts are one of the most appreciated kinds of gifts due to their practical use. Since these items are used at home, it is also a great way to remind someone of your thoughtfulness when they use the said items for its specific purpose. However, it does not mean that home-ware gifts cannot be creative, too. They are as easy to customise as any other types of gifts. 

Personalised home ware gifts are a great option to add a unique twist to your home (or the home of your intended recipient). They make a practical gift idea for any occasion – housewarming, birthday, anniversary, etc. By incorporating personalised details, you can also make each gift item a token of love. Indeed, it can make the recipient very well loved and it will bring a smile to their faces!

Our selection of personalised home-ware gifts are recommended for newlyweds who just moved into their new home. Unique gift ideas such as a monogrammed wall art, personalised vases, personalised cushion covers, and anniversary clocks are a great way to make a house feel like home. You can also give it a couple’s wedding anniversary gift. It is a good way to remind them of the years that they spent together and look forward to the years they are going to spend in the home in the future.

It is also a great gift idea for your spouse. Surprise them on your anniversary or their birthday! Adding personalised details to your home décor can add that extra oomph to your home décor style. The great thing about personalised home-ware gifts is that they do not need to be expensive – the thoughts and memories are what will make it stand out.

Browse our collection of personalised home-ware gifts at Hayleigh’s Frames to find a source of inspiration to personalise details or to find your ideal gift.