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Personalised Baby Box Frames

Whether this is your first or third child, the birth of a baby is something that every family will cherish and look back on with love. Therefore, we provide you with ways to preserve that memory so you can relive it in the years to come. This special moment only happens once so you have to go the extra mile in preserving that memory or it will be lost forever. But don’t you worry – we can immortalise this moment with our personalised baby box frames! 

Our personalised box frames are the perfect gift for families with newborn babies. Or, if you have your own newborn, they can make celebrating the arrival of a new bundle of joy that much more special. These box frames can be added to your nursery décor. You can personalise them with your baby’s photos or their names or initials. Or, we can also create specialised baby name frames to make it more personal and unique. 

Select a design based on the theme of your baby’s nursery décor. You can even choose your preferred colour to match the existing theme of the nursery! There are limitless possibilities when it comes to finding the perfect accent to your home or nursery décor. It’s a great way to celebrate the newest addition to your family. 

At Hayleigh’s Frames, we bring you a wide assortment of gift ideas and items that you can personalise to make life’s milestones extra special. With our endless array of gift ideas, along with the ability to customise your chosen items, you can transform simple items into something extraordinary. Check out our product selection now so you can be inspired with your own unique design. Once you have chosen your design, we will take care of the rest and your new baby box frames will be ready to display at your nursery!